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The Fianchetto Capital business model is creating market value by means of managing a tailor made life cycle for each and every of its investments. Fianchetto has an effective business intelligence program to maintain a continuous and active search for investment opportunities in pre-IPO stages of development.

Success factors for Fianchetto's business model are:

1.       Careful selection prior to investment by rigorous analysis

2.       Active ownership by skill and commitment

3.       Growth in value by active measures to increase value and enable exits

A balanced private equity portfolio can reduce volatility and contribute to an overall improvement in risk profile. This may allow higher targeted returns for the same level of calculated risk, or a reduction to the level of risk in the portfolio whilst preserving the target rate of return. There is still plenty of scope for growth in the asset class and a much greater universe of assets from which to select. This is particularly true in Europe where private equity fund investment remains a much smaller proportion of GPD than in the US.