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About Us

Fianchetto Capital is a corporate finance and private equity investment management firm based in Sweden acquiring controlling ownership positions in pan European private held companies where long term value can be created through active ownership. The investment fund company Fianchetto Capital Holding  (Fianchetto Capital Holding S.A.) is advised by Fianchetto Capital S.A. and Fianchetto Capital AB, with offices in Luxembourg and Stockholm, Sweden.

The investment fund Fianchetto Capital SA is engaged in business in the following areas:

Corporate Finance & Capital Raising: working closely with European based both unlisted and clients listed on European stock exchanges to optimise their capital structure and raise equity and debt capital for growth strategies. All industries are covered, including industrials, telecom, technology, media, utilities, business services, pharma/biotech, retail, luxury goods, energy and construction. Debt financing for transactions in excess of 100 Million can also be provided.

Green Energy: Fianchetto Capital believes, in particular, that global demands for green energy will increase structurally and we focus in particular on wind, solar and geothermal alternative energy sources in addition to traditional oil and gas. Our corporate finance division is specialized in matching sellers and buyers of green energy assets.

Real Estate & Infrastructure: financing of larger real estate and infrastructure transactions, such as commercial, office space, retail, shopping centers, public service, sports stadiums, and larger residential complexes mainly located in northern Europe.