Fianchetto Capital

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Fianchetto Capital SA is an active ownership investment fund creating value by acquiring controlling ownership positions in private held low mid market companies and developing their long term value potential through progressive active ownership.

The Fianchetto Capital Fund generally invests in growth characterized businesses within the interval   SEK 5-50 million per investment. 

All investments are made according to the highest possible ethical standards. Fianchetto Capital actively strives to avoid investments in direct military related, or obvious environmental destructive industries or businesses. Our investment strategy, at any stage, is dominated by respect for the individual people involved and concerned.

Corporate Social Compliance

Our Company respects international social compliance and environmental principles aimed at promoting and protecting human rights and the environment. Our policies align with the goals of several international standards, including the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. These values are formalized in our Human Rights In Employment Policy and Instructions.